Healthcare Aggregate Spend / Expense Management

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There’s only one solution to unhealthy expenditure controls and tracking in the Healthcare Industry. ExpenseNet is your prescribed relief. Having a robust system of management and reporting, ExpenseNet is a perfect fit for your organization to keep expenses in compliance with Healthcare specific policies and mandates.

HCP/HCO Aggregate Spend Management

The demand for applicable healthcare organizations to gather, aggregate, report and disclose their “spend” on physicians and certain organizations is ever increasing. Gathering accurate data on an enterprise level requires a great deal of time and resources. Compliance teams are partnering with IT, finance, and other groups across their organizations to adequately capture and verify the information they need to report at both the state, national and international levels.

This challenge of tracking aggregate spend is compounded by two additional factors:

  • Categorizing the various direct and indirect transfers of value
  • Accurately capturing the identity of the spend recipient (HCPs and HCOs)

ExpenseNet has your HCP spend tracking and reporting needs covered, so no need to worry.

ExpenseNet Expense Management is dedicated to collecting accurate and complete aggregate spend information as it relates to the healthcare industry. Specifically, ExpenseNet provides:

Key Benefits of using ExpenseNet for your Healthcare organization are:

  • Integrates directly with your reporting systems and compliance tools, safely and securely
  • Increased confidence in the accuracy of the data being reported
  • Ongoing monitoring and tracking across all users
  • Maintain compliance with changing regulations
  • Aggregate T&E spend data with the ability to include other departmental spending
  • Easy user-friendly tools ensure a positive user experience with full compliance


Learn how ExpenseNet Expense Management can enhance your expense management program to ensure accurate HCP/HCO spend data collection and compliance.

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