ExpenseNet® Support

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Our support for new and existing clients are a part of total solution to expense management offered by ExpenseNet. We aim for a seamless and easy integration process so you are up and running according to your timeframe, with little or no downtime, and a focus on keeping your users productive.

Professional Services Team

ExpenseNet® is hosted and managed by InterplX. As a result, implementation is simply a matter of creating an account, configuring it to your specific needs, and setting up your users with a logon ID and password.

Our technology is built on a rock solid infrastructure, ran by a highly trained technology team. Our systems are built to be tailored to each client’s unique needs, with a goal to be set up in less than thirty days. Our professional services team does the implementation support work for you. Our years of experience enable us to guide you to configuring the ideal solution for you, combining industry best practices with your unique needs.

And like all ExpenseNet services, we do all this at the lowest cost!


All ExpenseNet systems are designed to require minimal instruction before use, but we’ll happily assist you every step of the way.

Our implementation team will work with your program administrator to assist in the configuration of your system. This assistance will include initial training on the administrative tools available, and web-based training for users and approvers.

General Ledger Integration

All expense data must be processed into the general ledger to support timely financial reporting. ExpenseNet has standard general ledger files that can be used to upload paid data as well as accruals. And if you require a custom general ledger file, this will also be provided as part of your initial implementation.

Customer Service

ExpenseNet Customer Support (phone and email support) is available during normal business hours to answer questions and provide help to your users and program administrators. Good news, because ExpenseNet provides an easy to use interface and status notifications, so there should be less of a need to contact ExpenseNet Customer Support. However don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.