ExpenseNet® Expense Management Software

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ExpenseNet® Expense Management Software

Simple and intuitive.
Cloud-based travel & expense management tools were never easier!

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ExpenseNet is an online business expense management solution that can be configured to meet your specific Travel and Entertainment (T&E) expense management and Purchase Card (P-Card) needs. As a major component of our expense report automation service offerings, our software and services are the least expensive and easiest to adapt program in the market.

ExpenseNet is optimized for your organization’s three important user experiences, covering all your bases.

  1. Expensing: Keeping track of your spending.

ExpenseNet automated expense report software makes entering expenses easy and a consistent process getting reimbursed.

Fast and easy to use, ExpenseNet makes it easy for Users to create and submit comprehensive expense reports that will meet each organization’s expense policies. Once submitted, expense reports are easy for managers to review and approve – ensuring quick payouts for traveling employees. Happy employees means a healthy organization!

  • Fast and Easy to Use

    Anyone that can complete a paper expense report can also complete one with ExpenseNet.

  • Card Integration

    ExpenseNet integrates directly with your corporate card provider, allowing the trouble-free import of all your transactional data.

  • Easy Receipts Submission

    Snap a photo of your receipt with your smartphone and instantly attach to an expense report, easy as that.

  • Simple Reporting

    A single view of expense report data ensures accuracy and completeness, and peace of mind.

How easy is Expense Reporting with ExpenseNet. Just 4 steps:

2. Approvals: Your rules.

ExpenseNet provides complete Travel and Entertainment (T&E) and Purchase Card (P-Card) expense approval workflow and management.

With ExpenseNet, approving managers see required expenses, flagged exceptions, receipts, and additional detailed information to make their job easier than ever. Having ExpenseNet for approving expenses, controlling spending, and preventing the “rubber-stamping” of expense reports, saves you time and hassle, freeing up your approver’s time for more important tasks.

  • Access Anywhere, Anytime

    Quickly approve expenses, view previously submitted expense reports, P-card statements, receipts and more – all from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Enhanced Control

    Approving managers are presented with all data and receipts to make informed approval decisions. Policy violations are highlighted and prolonged approvals are reminded via email, so you can check it off your list.

  • Workflow Flexibility

    Multiple levels of approval can be required based on certain criteria and can be routed to other department or project managers for any cross-charged expenses.

  • Simple Reporting

    You are able to analyze and control your department spend, by seeing multiple views of your account or expense data, and downloading for additional analysis.

  • Open Architecture

    Do you have a need for just document capture and compliance audits? ExpenseNet can be integrated with other expense automation or purchase card solutions. Simple as that.

With approving made easy and compliance ensured, employees will enjoy a faster reimbursement cycle!

3. Admin: Reporting made simple.

ExpenseNet provides easy-to-use administration and maintenance tool allowing for a superior expense management control.

ExpenseNet enables your program administrator to manage your program at the highest level, allowing you the controls you need.

  • Take Total Control

    Full access to maintain your organization’s policies, expense categories, reporting structure, user data and all other account profile information.

  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) & Policy Compliance

    Our ExpenseNet solution is uniquely configurable to ensures that your organization’s specific expense management needs and requirements, including legal mandates such as SOX compliance are met.

  • Personal Service

    ExpenseNet’s Client Relations team will guide you through the implementation process from kickoff to deployment, and will be available to assist with your account on an as-needed basis.  LEARN MORE >

  • System Integration

    Integration with any and all of or your business systems from accounting or ERP, HR, Booking Tool, etc. can be automated to eliminate double entry and maximize utilization. LEARN MORE >

  • Powerful and Flexible Total Solution

    ExpenseNet can be uniquely configured to suit your specific business expense management needs and policies, making it the clear alternative to your cumbersome and time-consuming process you are using currently.

Quit fussing with paper expense reports or complex/cumbersome software and piles of receipts. It’s time for a smart, easy solution.

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