IAPP Survey: Trends in T&E Expense Management

International Accounts Payable Professionals (IAPP) has recently completed a travel expense management survey sponsored by InterplX Expense Management. Request a copy of Trends in Travel and Entertai…

Expense Reporting and Travel Booking – Where’s the fit?
12.18.2009 – Chuck Buckner

In a recent survey conducted by the IAPP and sponsored by InterplX, nearly 300 Accounts Payable professionals were asked what they believed were the predominant factors in selecting an automated expen…

Current Trends in Electronic Expense Management (EEM) – Does Travel Management Fit In?
11.19.2009 – Chuck Buckner

Since 1994, InterplX has worked hard to become established as a national leader in the Employee Expense Management (EEM) industry. Currently, we are the only company that offers the total employee exp…

Reduce T&E Costs and Improve Control
08.06.2009 – InterplX + Aberdeen Group

InterplX can help your company save money
InterplX recently co-sponsored a study by the Aberdeen Group which found that even in a down economy, companies are investing in T&E Expense Management s…