T&E / P-Card Expense Management Pricing

Expense Management Pricing

InterplX Expense Management solutions deliver the lowest total cost to process an employee expense statement. Only InterplX offers the entire process for one low price – the lowest in the industry

The pricing to outsource your expense report/p-card statement processing to InterplX are comprised of two components:

  1. Implementation Fees (One-Time Costs) – Implementation fees, if any, vary depending on the amount of configuration and installation work you want us to do. InterplX offers the most complete, tailored solution to meet your specific needs. Included in this is design of the software to your needs, a standard General Ledger integration, establishment of the account to include secure web-based expense software, banking and funding set-up, corporate card integration, business rules integration (expense, audit and documentation policies), and other implementation support as needed. The process is made simple through InterplX’s automated tools, so in the end, you get exactly what you need for the lowest cost in the shortest time. This compares to other less-flexible service and software providers that are from 2 to 10 times more costly and take up to three times as long to implement
  2. Per Transaction Fees (Invoiced Monthly) – A transaction is one expense report/p-card statement or equivalent. Our average client for a complete expense report/p-card statement process pays less than $5.00 per report. Per transaction fees depend on the level of service you need and your total volume of transactions. This is far less than any industry average and represents a significant discount to other North American business services outsourcers. Your actual price may vary based on your requirements and volume of transactions, but you can rest assured that only InterplX offers a complete, comprehensive service at the lowest price in North America!

Enterprise class services and solutions at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) make InterplX Expense Management the best value, by far, among the proven solution providers in North America. Click request pricing and learn just how much you can save your organization by switching to InterplX Expense Management.