VAT Reclamation Partners

Because of InterplX’s vast experience with receipt processing, we are able to identify and separate receipts for Value Added Tax (VAT) reclamation. Whether our clients do their own VAT reclamation work or outsource to one of our partners, AutoVAT or TTM International or any other VAT reclamation provider, we can provide them with the necessary original receipts. We will make a copy of the receipts for back-up purposes. Then the VAT reclaim processor can submit the claims with minimal extra work on their part.

Corporate VAT Management

Corporate VAT Management provides InterplX customers with integrated state-of-the-art VAT recovery services. This provides a convenient one-stop, hands-off solution which is unmatched in the industry.

Corporate VAT Management is a full-service VAT recovery firm that uses proprietary technology to dramatically improve the VAT recovery process and the amount of VAT recovered for our clients. Founded in 1994, CVM examines corporate expense data to estimate VAT exposure, identifies invoices appropriate for retrieval, and expedites the VAT refund process. Our AutoVAT technology makes the process of reporting on in-country VAT and recovering foreign VAT simple, timely and transparent.

TTM International

TTM International is the leading VAT consulting and refund vendor based in Minneapolis MN, offers the most client-centered and comprehensive customer service available in the VAT industry. TTM provides claims refund processing in native language, advising on import/export shipments, registration in favorable countries, investigates VAT billing errors. No other company will advocate like TTM International. For the past 15 years they have garnered a majority of the Fortune 500 companies and have a client base of over 1600 customers.

Refunds are sent directly to the customer from the issuing Tax Authorities, eliminating claim shortages and cascading fees. Clients of TTM do not have to sign a Global Power of Attorney, rather TTM uses an Authorization of Representation document. This enables the client to have full ownership of the claim, and not surrendering the refund to a third party.

TTM also offers oversight and consulting to set-up the proper documentation and processes in areas such as, professional services (legal fees, accounting services, marketing, engineering, etc.) where VAT is frequently and often charged incorrectly. TTM will unravel and advocate a reversal of the transaction.