TAPN Quotes InterplX on Expense Report Auditing

The Accounts Payable Network (TAPN) quotes InterplX’s VP, Bob Rayca, on the value of travel and entertainment (T&E) expense report auditing. In a recent posting, TAPN addressed the topic of “Expense Report Auditing: Guarantee Compliance”.

Central to the TAPN article is that “approving non-compliant expense reports” leads to higher costs throughout the T&E process and the improving compliance will generate hard dollar savings. TAPN also makes the point that just the process of “auditing expense reports electronically” will save time and money.

With more than a decade of experience providing expense audit services, InterplX, couldn’t agree more the fact that there are real savings to be had by effective and timely audits.  Plus for public companies, the ability to have InterplX conduct the audits provides a proper “segregation of duties” in support of SOX compliance.

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