Approver Module – Expense Tracking Software

ExpenseNet® is the most complete Travel and Entertainment (T&E) and Purchase Card (P-Card) expense approval workflow and management reporting software on the market today.

With ExpenseNet®, approving managers are provided with highlighted policy exceptions, images of the expense receipts, past history (to identify possible duplicate expenses), and other helpful tools like expense management reporting to approve expenses, control spending, and prevent the “rubber-stamping” of expense reports.

Features & Benefits


  • Accessibility – Approve expenses, view previously submitted expense reports, P-card statements, receipts and more – all from you computer.
  • Control – Approving managers are presented with all data and receipts to make informed approval decisions. Policy violations are highlighted. Delinquent approvers are reminded via email.
  • Flexibility – The workflow engine has been described as the most powerful in the industry. It can route to multiple levels of approval based on certain criteria and can route to other department or project managers when their budgets are cross-charged by the submitter.
  • Reporting – Analyze and control spend, see multiple views of your account or expense data, and download your data for local analysis.
  • Administration – Ensure proper program management,  perform account maintenance functions.
  • Special Reporting – For those periodic reporting needs, InterplX provides a complete set of standard and custom reports to key management personnel.
  • Open Architecture – Do you have a need for just the routing and approval of expenses? Our Approver Module works alone or with any other expense reporting or P-Card system.