Receipts and Receipt Imaging

Virtually all business expense management policies require users to submit receipts or other supporting documentation with their expense reports. The challenge is controlling this process and matching these receipts to the electronic record to ensure 100% compliance.

InterplX offers the most complete, state-of-the-art receipt imaging and management services available. Our receipt management services match all receipts with the proper electronic expense report to ensure that your users are complying with documentation submission policies.

Receipt Imaging Options:

  • Smartphone – Receipt images can be attached from the gallery or directly from the camera. Our approach is to provide universal access via a mobile-optimized website and thus we are device agnostic.
  • Fax – Fax technology is the oldest option, and hence most commonly available. Our fax-it-in service enables users to submit their receipts via fax with a total cost usually less than that of an envelope and postage for regular mail.
  • Scan/Upload – Our scan/upload solution enables users to access the ExpenseNet® User Module expense report software and browse for images of their receipts previously scanned and stored on their PC.
  • Email – If the user prefers to email their expense receipts rather than upload them, they have that option with InterplX. We also offer a secure email option to ensure the security of your sensitive documents.
  • Receipt Imaging Services – For those companies and/or end-users for whom the fax or scan options are not available, we also offers the more traditional “mail-it-in” option. Our customer service agents will receive, prep, scan, and match incoming receipts to their respective expense reports.