Expense Auditing Solutions

InterplX Expense Management’s highly developed expense auditing service ensures compliance, according to YOUR policies.

Our proprietary audit system is built to support each client’s unique business expense audit rules. Best practices in audit usually recommend less-than-100 percent audit. And it can be tailored to select those expenses and transactions most likely to require audit.

For example, we can select any statement that exceeds a dollar threshold, in total or by expense type; any selected employee’s documentation, etc. InterplX’s highly configurable Audit system can be tailored to your specific Travel and Entertainment (T&E) expense management or Purchase Card (P-Card) audit needs.

Audit selection as well as audit criteria are defined by you and configured into the system by our customer service team.

Features & Benefits

  • Sarbanes Oxley Compliance – Our highly developed audit system ensures compliance with the mandates of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) legislation.
  • Customization – The levels of audit services can be tailored to your needs. And naturally, since you are outsourcing the work to InterplX, separation of duties is not an issue.
  • Direct Resolution – our proprietary audit system allows our customer services team to manage audit issues directly with users, reducing the burden placed on your internal staff.