Fortune 100 Company Implements ExpenseNet in Under 60 Days


A leading pharmacy benefit management company.


More than 210 million Americans receive drug benefits administered by companies such as this one. In 2012, this company acquired another drug benefits management company in a multi-billion dollar deal. The challenge: Integrating the two companies’ different expense management systems as quickly, efficiently, painlessly, and cost effectively as possible. In addition, the company operates under strict regulations from the federal government, so the new solution would have to ensure compliance with regulations.


Both companies had significant travel and entertainment expenses. The acquiring company used a client/server-based automated expense management system from one of the world’s largest software companies. The acquired company had been using a version of InterplX’s ExpenseNet® since 2000, and at the time of the sale, was using the latest on-demand cloud-based version.

After the sale, the company requested bids for a new travel & entertainment (T&E) expense automation solution for the combined companies from InterplX and the largest T&E expense management automation company in the nation. The incumbent client/server vendor was eliminated because of its dated architecture. In a head-to-head matchup between InterplX and the larger expense management company, InterplX won out because of its lower costs, and its demonstrated reputation for responsiveness and flexibility.


The client was intensely focused on achieving efficiencies and economies of scale through a quick integration of the two companies. T&E expense management was a prime target, since the newly enlarged company would have over 10,000 employees using the system. And the need for compliance with Federal regulations was imperative. Implementing a new automated T&E expense management system of this scope can take 90-to-180 days or even longer. Working with a team of five employees from the company, InterplX had the entire combined workforce using ExpenseNet® configured to their exact needs in less than 60 days. The joint implementation team met every milestone in the project, allowing the company to begin reaping the cost savings from operating under a single solution from InterplX sooner rather than later.

Client Remarks

“It’s been great working so closely with the InterplX team. They are very organized and we are probably one of their most complex accounts – the government finance team had many requirements that had to be considered throughout the implementation. They were incredibly responsive to all of our questions, concerns, etc. ”
– Project Manager, Implementation Team