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This company generated a significant number of expense reports annually. Managing the process was an onerous, costly and time-consuming activity that was not germane to their core business.


In partnership with a leading provider of employee relationship management software, InterplX implemented a suite of expense management and reporting services company-wide. The combined system is governed by automated business rules and workflow.

Following creation and supervisory approval of the expense report, InterplX begins its process of employee reimbursement, corporate card payment, and data transmission to the general ledger.

InterplX manages the receipt document submission workflow and follows-up with tardy employees to ensure compliance with this process. Expense reports with VAT eligible expenses are identified and forwarded to the reclamation auditor for processing.

In order to ensure Sarbanes Oxley compliance, InterplX audits a pre-established selection of reports for receipt verification and policy compliance and resolves discrepancies directly with the employee. Audit results, in addition to other InterplX generated activity are available to the client via InterplX’s web portal. All documentation is archived and managed by InterplX.


The client has been able to reduce costs, increase productivity, significantly reduce the audit process and get an improved handle on its travel and entertainment spending. In addition to the cost savings, the automation of reporting, payment and audit has proven vital to the effective management of these tasks.

Client Remarks

“When we recognized the tremendous upside of outsourcing time-consuming and operationally inefficient tasks such as auditing, imaging and archiving of thousands of expense reports per year, InterplX’s service offering presented a sensible way to significantly save both time and money”
– Senior Director of Statutory Planning and Reporting