Leading Sales Force Outsourcer (T&E)


Recognized as an industry pioneer, this client is a leading provider of sales and marketing services in the HealthCare Industry.


Provide an automated expense management process that efficiently satisfies user’s needs, while ensuring compliance and control functions, fulfill the stringent requirements of not only Sarbanes Oxley but also the industry’s PhRMA code.


In concert with the client’s legacy expense reporting system, InterplX automated the receipt document submission workflow, providing managers electronic access to expense data and support documentation and speeding the approval process. InterplX then provided direct deposit reimbursement to employee’s bank accounts and paid their corporate cards. InterplX’s auditors provide complete compliance audits on selected expense reports and resolve any discrepancies directly with the employee.

Client administrators/managers have real time access to all activity and data as well as document images via InterplX’s web portal. Information can be exported from this site to provide for local analysis of expense spending, by employee, division, or vendor. This process also meets the client’s archiving requirements that InterplX manages.


In addition to meeting the requirements of Sarbanes Oxley, the client was able to reduce the overall costs of processing an expense report, provide managers with a tool to analyze and control employee spending, and speed-up the reimbursement process, an important element in ensuring employee satisfaction.

Client Remarks

“Sarbanes Oxley compliance was a driving force in the changes we instituted in our employee expense management program. Not only did we achieve this goal on time but well within our budget. InterplX worked with us every step of the way to make this happen”