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With a fast growing traveling population, the need to automate the existing manual employee expense report process became vital. Key elements for improvement included automation of the general ledger feed, improved turnaround for employee reimbursement, upgrades in audit and a more efficient archiving process.


InterplX provided a full suite of service upgrades for this client. Included was ExpenseNet® hosted expense reporting and approval software with daily G/L integration, and employee reimbursement and corporate card payment. Receipt documentation workflow management was provided by InterplX with complete compliance auditing and discrepancy resolution. InterplX manages the archived data and documents and provides complete reporting and analysis via OnTrack, its web portal.


InterplX’s solution met this client’s needs when first installed and adapted easily when the client added new staff through acquisition. InterplX continues to upgrade and improve operational efficiency while maintaining the lowest cost service available.

Client Remarks

“InterplX replaced a manual, cumbersome, time-consuming and inefficient process with one that meets not only our corporate goals but also those of our employees. We post our expense information daily, satisfy our auditors and delight our employees with the speed in which they are reimbursed for their business expenses. All transaction processing is done by InterplX allowing us to analyze and better manage the spending our employees generate in operating our business.”