Audit Services for Global 1000 Firm


The North American operations of a Global 1000 manufacturing company receives cost effective T&E and P-Card audit services from InterplX Expense Management.


Provide an effective process for auditing over 20,000 expense reports with a combined value of more than three quarters of a million dollars. Allow for different audit selection criteria for the purchase card transactions versus the travel and entertainment transactions so that the finance and audit departments would be assured of policy compliance given that many approvers quickly approve expense reports without ever looking at any of the submitted documentation.


The company had already been using ExpenseNet® for both cash and card transactions, and basically the client just needed to ask InterplX to set up their accounts for “audit services”, which would then be used to ensure that approved expense reports were systematically reviewed for required documentation and non-reimbursable expenses. InterplX reviewed the client’s audit goals, documented their audit criteria, and setup their selection criteria. From there the software automatically flags transactions/reports for review and those are then checked by an InterplX auditor accordingly.


InterplX’s audit services have been a huge time savings because hundreds of audits are conducted each month with an impressive level of consistency and completeness. In that process, simple audit exceptions, mostly for missing documentation, are routed via email directly to the user for resolution. Questionable exceptions that involve “unacceptable” charges are immediately reported to the client’s designated audit contact for review. In addition to the process cost savings, InterplX’s audit service has helped ensure proper documentation is archived and lead to a reduction in the amount of non-reimbursable expenses that would have previously been overlooked.

Client Remarks

“If I had to do expense report audits internally, it would take two to three resources to accomplish what InterplX does with less than one. Another key benefit is that InterplX can adjust the audit selection criteria to address specific expense types, non-compliant users, high-dollar transactions, policy exceptions and more.”

“InterplX also provides detailed and summary audit reporting which allows us to benchmark our results versus other organizations. Plus, We always get a quick response from InterplX!”