Mission & Values

As a leader in the employee expense management industry, InterplX Expense Management has committed itself to and embraced the following mission, values, and vision.

Our Mission
InterplX exists and is driven to the following mission, establishing our role and purpose:

  • For our clients: InterplX provides complete, efficient, accurate business services ensuring control, compliance, effective management and maximum value.
  • For our employees: InterplX provides a positive, safe work environment that appreciates diversity, encourages growth and rewards contribution and innovation.
  • For our partners: InterplX provides complimentary product and service offerings and expanded market opportunities.
  • For our shareholders: InterplX provides maximum ROI through sound investment, reasonable growth and profitability, and responsible fiduciary controls.

Our Values
InterplX is driven by a set of values that govern our decisions, plans and execution. These are outlined below:

  • Efficiency – in leveraging technology and the creativity and industriousness of our employees to increase value for our clients.
  • Accuracy – in producing zero-defects work on time, the first time and every time with complete attention to detail.
  • Integrity – in our people, our systems, our clients and our partners.

Our Vision
InterplX will deliver complete compliance and management of employee business expenses and Corporate Reimbursement Services through web-based tools, services and reports.